Life is a journey, a beautiful one indeed!!  I started this journey on 8th Aug 1989, with least knowledge of what is has in store for me.

Hi, I am Anindita Biswal. ( :-P, This feels like writing my very own first software program, I had started with writing my own name)

I am a foodie, travel enthusiast and a techie. I am always passionate about different regional and continental cuisines. Thanks to the all the travel and food shows I follow! My friends considered me as a food connoisseur, but I truly believe that food is an art and to master it you have to get yourself fully drenched in it. It started as a hobby and now I am starting my own blog.. Still a long way to go .. 🙂

Travelling is something I have recently started, and I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. It just makes me a better person, that’s how strongly I feel about it. It gives me a whole new horizon to think, explore and learn. Myself and Udit (my husband), we often plan short trips and go to any new random place to explore.

I am extremely delighted to start our new blog “cupoholics”. We will share our experiences on travel, food and adventures.